Real-live Nanoscientists: Would you enjoy a career in Science?

A series of short films introducing people to the real life of scientists working in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. What do these scientists really do in a typical day? How do scientists from twenty five different countries across Europe talk and work together? How is a new research project devised? What are the steps that scientists go through from a bright idea to a gadget that's going to be the "next big thing"?  Particularly aimed at final year high school students and undergraduates, these films will give valuable insight into the career of a "nanoscientist", as seen through the eyes of researchers working in the NanoTP project.

Graphene for the baffled

In October the Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to two researchers from Manchester University for their work on Graphene. But if, like much of the world, you’re left wondering just what graphene is, and why it deserves a Nobel Prize, then help is at hand. With the aid of science video communication charity, the Vega Science Trust, the COST Action MP0901 "NanoTP" has produced two short videos explaining graphene and its amazing properties. The videos are written and presented by Jonathan Hare, and show how amazingly graphene can be produced using just a pencil and some sticky tape. Jonathan has previously appeared in BBC Science programmes such as “Rough Science” and now runs the Creative Science Centre in Sussex

Video 1 - What is Graphene?

Video 2 - Graphene and the Carbon Revolution

The Future of Graphene?

Scientists working in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology discuss the future for the new monolayer material, graphene, at the COST Action MP0901 NanoTP meeting in Trieste 2011. Will graphene live up to its promise, is graphene the new silicon?

Introduction to solar cells

One of the major areas of application for new nanomaterials is in the next generation of solar cells. In this video commissioned by NanoTP, Dr. Jonathan Hare gives a nice introduction to the field of solar cells and solar capture. There is also an information sheet available here with much more details.

An Introduction to Spintronics and Nanomagnetism

NanoTP member Dogan Erbahar has produced this video with views and remarks of the world's leading experts on spintronics and nanoscale magnetism, at the International Conference on Nanoscale Magnetism 2013 held in Istanbul in September.    As well as serving as a good introduction to the subject, there is also discussion of the scientific and technical challenges that lie ahead, before we enter a new era of spin-based computing, and the multivarious applications for magnetic nanoparticles.

'Silvia Giordani : A day in the life'

Silvia Giordani A DAY IN LIFE SCIENTIFIC [35-15] from DOCUMENTAVI on Vimeo.

Silvia talks to Marek about her life in science as part of ESOF2012. See the video in its original page here.

Recent TEDx Talks by NanoTP Members

Extreme Explorations in Flatland: Peter Boeggild at TEDxCopenhagenSalon

TEDxZurich - Christofer Hierold - Are nanosensors the future's guardian angels?

COST Interview 2010 Physics Nobel Prize Winner Konstantin Novoselov

See the video here.

There is also an official press-release and associated media.