The 2010 Monte Verita Workshop: Frontiers in Neuroengineering

Neuroengineering is a rapidly growing discipline that takes its lymph from
the increasing cross-fertilization of many areas of technology and science.
By means of neuroengineering, advances in diverse technologies and in cellular
and molecular biology converge into powerful tools to improve our understanding
and treatment of neural (dis)functions.
Recently such a discipline has gone beyond the concept of a simple application
of engineering principles to central nervous system (CNS) comprehension, leading
to the emergence of one of the more exciting interdisciplinary research fields
in modern neurosciences.

Neuroengineering applies novel approaches to the study of the brain by bringing
together tools from computational neuroscience, information theory, electronics,
electrophysiology, biomaterials, nanotechnologies and tissue engineering, towards
understanding, repairing, replacing, enhancing, and exploiting the electrical
properties of the nervous system.

The 2010 Monte Verita' Workshop: Frontiers in Neuroengineering
Ascona, Switzerland, September 5-9th, 2010

Understanding the brain is one of the key grand challenges of modern science.
In Neuroengineering such challenge extends from fundamental research on computation
in the central nervous system to new frontiers in neural prosthetics.
Because of its cultural tradition and its special atmosphere, Monte Verita' is the
ideal settings to bring together students, researchers, professionals and world-
leaders of a discipline that is not any longer in its infancy and that is becoming
fully mature.

5 September 2010