Multiphase Polymers and Polymer Composites

Workshop and Training School
7 – 10 June 2011, Paris, France

This workshop and training school will be dedicated to many of the recent technical research accomplishments in the area of physical and interfacial properties of multiphase polymer systems(Composites, Blends, IPNs, Gels etc) in a fairly comprehensive manner. The content of the proposed workshop and training school is unique due to the fact that it will focus on many issues related to the interfacial aspects of multiphase polymer systems with special reference to the length scale (macro, micro and nano) of the minor component in the system. It will cover an up to date record on the major findings and observations in the field of morphological, interfacial physical and thermophysical properties of multiphase polymer systems from macro to nano lenth scales.

The workshop and training school is part of an ongoing activity within the COST project MP0701 on Nanocomposite Polymer Materials.
A limited number of students and early stage researchers* will be supported financially by COST. In order to be eligible for this financial support please sign up for the workshop and training school early and apply to the email:

* You are considered an early stage researcher if your PhD was not obtained more than 8 years ago

29 July 2010