Raman spectroscopy of graphene zigzag edges

Our research group led by Dr. László P. Biró and colleagues from the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart have been able to prepare graphene nanostructures with zigzag edge terminations. Furthermore, with the help of Raman spectroscopy we have shown that the zigzag edges of these nanostructures are nearly perfect, having very few defects. In this way it was possible for the first time to confirm experimentally the theoretical predictions concerning the difference in the Raman signature of zig-zag and armchair edges.

[1] B. Krauss, P. Nemes-Incze, V. Skakalova, L.P. Biro, K.V. Klitzing, J.H. Smet, Raman Scattering at Pure Graphene Zigzag Edges., Nano Lett. 10 (2010) 4544-4548.

30 November 2010