Announce Symposium carbon and heteroatomic nanomaterials at M&M2012 (Phoenix, AZ)

Symposium   P 02: Structural, chemical and physical properties of carbon-based and related nanomaterials

Conference:    Microscopy and Microanalysis 2012


Organizers:      Raul Arenal,  Jannik C. Meyer,  Sebastian Osswald




Carbon-based nanostructures such as fullerenes, nanotubes, nanodiamond, and graphene are attractive materials due to their unique properties and wide range of potential technological applications. While electron microscopies (TEM, STEM, SEM) are essential and powerful techniques for studying carbon nanomaterials at the (sub)nanometer scale, the coupling of electron microscopy with other characterization techniques, including Raman and infrared spectroscopy, XPS, and scanning probe microscopy is increasingly utilized to fully investigate these materials and provide deeper insights into their physical and chemical properties. This symposium focuses on microscopy-based studies that employ these techniques to study nanostructures, particularly carbon, boron, and nitrogen-containing nanomaterials.

Bullet points:


This symposium will cover Studies of the structure, composition and properties of carbon based-nanomaterials (graphene, nanotubes, nanodiamond, fullerenes…) as well as BxCyNz materials via:


Invited speakers:   F. BANHART, CNRS-Strasbourg U. (France);         Y. GOGOTSI, Drexel U., PA (USA);            D. GOLBERG, NIMS, Tsukuba (Japan);                A. KHLOBYSTOV, Nottingham U., (UK);      M. MORGERSTERN, RWTH, Aachen (Germany);            D. MULLER,   Cornell U. , NY, (USA);              K. SUENAGA, AIST, Tsukuba (Japan)


Invited Poster presentation: A. LOPEZ-BEZANILLA, ORNL, TE (USA)


11 January 2012