PhD Position at the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland)

Engineering and Characterization of Nanoscale Interfaces (Plasma Group)

Electronic transport and coupling of bulk materials are well characterized for both metals and semiconducting interfaces. However, the interface properties of nanoscale objects present characteristics that complicate the analysis of electronic transport across different nanostructures. At the same time, understanding the behaviour of nanoscale interfaces is of paramount importance for many applications.

The objective of this project is to develop methodologies that allow the measurement of the electrical characteristics of nanoscale interfaces. One possible approach will exploit self-organization mechanisms to characterize transport across networks of nanoparticles (both metal and semiconducting). Secondly, nanofabrication and measurement techniques will be developed to produce and electrically characterize nanoscale semiconducting hetero-junctions.


The candidate applying for this PhD project should have interest in semiconductor physics/electronics, optical/electronic properties of nanomaterials (including quantum confined structures) and nanomaterials synthesis/fabrication. Interest in both experimental and theoretical work is preferred, where the first will be necessary for the fabrication of different nano-objects. Theoretical work will be primarily focused on developing models that can describe electronic transport. The research group has strong emphasis on plasma-based synthesis of nanomaterials and for this reason he/she will be able to develop skills and knowledge that relate to plasma science and technology.


Applications are welcome from graduates of Engineering, Physics or Materials Science.


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30 January 2012