Maureen Lagos

Name Maureen Lagos
Work Groups Work Group 2 - Characterisation
Laboratory EMAT: Electron Microscopy for Material Science
Organisation University of Antwerp
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Areas of Future Interest .

  • Observation of the smallest metal nanotube with a square cross-section: Nature Nanotechnology 4, 149 (2009)
  • Mechanical Deformation of Nanoscale Metal Rods: When Size and Shape Matter: Physical Review Letters 106, 055501 (2011)
  • Temperature effects on the atomic arrangement and conductance of atomic-size gold nanowires generated by mechanical stretching: Nanotechnology 21, 485702 (2010)
  • Temperature effects on the occurrence of long interatomic distances in atomic chains formed from stretched gold nanowires: Nanotechnology 22, 095705 (2011)
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