Damian Markowski

Name Damian Markowski
Work Groups Work Group 2 - Characterisation
Work Group 3 - Devices
Laboratory Division of Low Temperature Physics
Organisation Institute of Molecular Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences.
Areas of Research Characterization of carbon materials, ACFs
Research Keywords EPR, Raman spectroscopy, STM

Areas of Future Interest Systems of quantum dots

  • D. Markowski, W. Kempinski, M. Kempinskia, Z. Trybuła, K. Kaszynska and M. Sliwinska-Bartkowiak "Electric Conductivity of Carbon Nanoparticles Stimulated by Electric Field"
  • Wojciech Kempiński, Damian Markowski, Mateusz Kempiński, Małgorzata Śliwińska-Bartkowiak "Charge carrier transport control in activated carbon fibers"
  • Brief CV
    Since 2005 I graduated chemistry at Chemistry Faculty in University of Wrocław. Area of my researches was preparation of synthesis the Re(IV) complexes with paramagnetic centers and described their magnetic and electron properties used: SQUID, IR, UV-Vis, AAS methods.
    At present I’m at third year Phd study in Institute of Molecular Physics Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań Division of Low Temperature Physics in Odolanow.
    Theme of my researches is characterization of electrical transport in porous carbon materials like ACF’s, modification their electrical properties by guest molecules.