Eric Faulques

Name Eric Faulques
Work Groups Work Group 2 - Characterisation
Work Group 4 - Theory
Laboratory IMN
Organisation CNRS/University of Nantes
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Selected Publications:

Brief CV

Married 1 child
Address : Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel, 2 rue de la Houssinière, BP32229, F-44322 Nantes, France . email : Tel : +33 240373977
Nationality: French

Master 2 (DEA Cristallographie) 1980 Université de Paris XI
Doctorat es Sciences Physiques 1986 Université de Nantes
Diplôme d’Université de Gemmologie (UDG) 1998 Université de Nantes


Université de Paris Assistant d’enseignement 1981
Université de Paris Contractuel CNRS (AR) 1982
Université de Nantes Chercheur CNRS (CR2) 1984
Université de Vienne – Institut für Festkörperphysik – Autriche
Superviseur Hans KUZMANY Post-doctorat (Physique) 1987-1988
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – Etats Unis
Groupe de Rick RUSSO Visiting academic (Physique) 1990-1991
Université de Poitiers-PHYMAT Chercheur CNRS –vacataire enseignement 1999-2008
Université de Nantes-IMN Chercheur CNRS - vacataire enseignement 1988, 2001-2008
Université de Nantes-IMN Director de Recherche CNRS 2001-
Université de Warwick-Département de physique-Royaume Uni Visiting academic 2010
Université de Nottingham-School of Chemistry-Royaume Uni Chercheur 2011
Université de Warwick-Département de physique-Royaume Uni Visiting academic 2011

Scientific Fields
Spectroscopies and models applied to nanomaterials
(i) main field Optical Spectroscopy of condensed matter
(ii) subfields Interactions photons-matter an electron-phonon, low dimensional systems, time-resolved spectroscopy

Honours, Awards, Fellowships, Memberships of Professional societies: NATO Fellowhip- Fulbright Fellowship at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, USA, 1990-1991. Member of the French Physical Society. Member of the American Chemical Society (1996-2000). Award Petroleum Research Fund 1998. Award of the American Chemical Society (1998). Elected 1997 Who’s Who in the World , elected 2001 Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.

• Number of peer-reviewed papers: 160
• LBooks: 2 (Editor)
• Number of communications peer-reviewed: ~ 38
• Participation to conferences: ~ 100
• Book chapters peer-reviewed : 12

Contracts: NATO CLG (1999-2005), 2 NASU-CNRS-PRI (2005-2011), 2 PHC (2002-2009), Science&Technology Center in Ukraine STCU#2276/3268 (2001-2007).

Chair, workshop, conference organisation: Symposium ACS Meeting “Spectroscopy of superconducting materials”, Dallas, USA, (1998), NATO Advanced Research Workshop “Spectroscopy of Emerging Materials”, Sudak, Ukraine (2003).
Referee for: PRB-PRL (more than 70 reports), Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, Physica Status Solidi, Rapid Research Letters, MSE C, Applied Physics Letters, Optics Commun., Spectrochim. Acta, Optical Materials, Synthetic Metals and others.
Languages: English (fluent), German (good), Russian (basic).
Fortran, Matlab, Maple, Latex.
Calculations with: QChem, Molden, GULP, MOPAC, CASTEP

Selected publications

Superconductivity and electron-phonon coupling

1. Raman line shapes from sputtered thin films of Y(Pr)Ba2Cu3O7: fine structures and oxygen ordering, E. Faulques and V.G. Ivanov, Phys. Rev. B 55, 3974 (1997).

2. Phonon Self-Energy Effects in -(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Br, E. Faulques, V.G. Ivanov, C. Mézière, P. Batail, Phys. Rev. B 62, 14, R9291-9294 (2000).


3. Electronic and magnetic dynamic properties of imidazolate complexes, Ragot F., Belin S., Ivanov V.G., Perry D.L., Ortega M., Ignatova T.V., Kolobov I.G., Masalitin E.S., Kamarchuk G.V., Yeremenko A.V., Molinié P., Wéry J., Faulques E., Materials Science 20, 3, pp.14-27 (2002).


4. Transient photoluminescence from highly disordered silica-rich natural phases with and without nanostructures, E. Fritsch, J. Wéry, G. Jonusauskas, E. Faulques, Phys. Chem. Minerals 30, 393-400 (2003)

5. Characterization of chemical bonding in ion-implanted polymers by means of mid-infrared reflectivity, V.G. Ivanov, G. Hadjichristov, E. Faulques, Appl. Spectr. 63, 1022 (2009).

Nanostructures- nanosensors

6. Point-contact sensors: New prospects for a nanoscale sensitive technique
G. V. Kamarchuk, A. P. Pospelov, A. V. Yeremenko, E. C. Faulques and I. K. Yanson,
Europhys. Lett. 76, 575 (2006).

7. Coaxial nickel/poly(p-phenylene vinylene) nanowires as luminescent building blocks manipulated magnetically, J.M. Lorcy, F. Massuyeau, P. Moreau, O. Chauvet, E. Faulques, J. Wéry, J.L. Duvail, Nanotechnology 20, 405601 (2009).

8. Temperature and size dependence of time-resolved exciton recombination in ZnO quantum dots, Ish. Musa, F. Massuyeau, L. Cario, J. L. Duvail, S. Jobic, P. Deniard, and E. Faulques, Applied Physics Letters 99, 243107 (2011).


Spectroscopy of Superconducting Materials, Ed. E. Faulques, ACS Symposium Series No730, Oxford University Press (Washington D.C.), 1999, 309 pages. ISBN 0-8412-3607-7

Spectroscopy of Emerging Materials, Eds. E. Faulques, D.L. Perry, A.V. Yeremenko, Kluwer Academic Publishers (Dordrecht), NATO Science Series II Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry- vol.165 , 2004, 424 pages. ISBN 1-4020-2394-4