Matthias Krause

Name Matthias Krause
Work Groups Work Group 1 - Synthesis
Work Group 2 - Characterisation
Laboratory Division of Nanostructures
Organisation Helmholtz - Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Areas of Research Synthesis, Nanocomposites, Thin films, Structure analysis
Research Keywords Nanostructures, PVD, Raman spectroscopy, TEM, Ion beams

Areas of Future Interest Functional nanostructures

  • M. Krause, M. Vinnichenko, N. Shevchenko, A. Mücklich, S. Gemming, F. Munnik, A. Rogozin, A. Kolitsch, W. Möller, "Phase segregation and transformations in arsenic implanted ZnO thin films", J. Phys. Chem. C, 115, 8798 - 8807 (2011)
  • M. Krause, A. Mücklich, A. Zak, G. Seifert, S. Gemming, "High resolution TEM study of WS2 nanotubes", Phys. Stat. Sol. B, 248, 2716 (2011)
  • M. Krause, M. Viršek, M. Remškar, N. Salacan, N. Fleischer, L. Chen, P. Hatto, A. Kolitsch, W. Möller, "Diameter and Morphology Dependent Raman Signatures of WS2 Nanostructures", ChemPhysChem, 10, 2221-2225 (2009)
  • M. Krause, A. Mücklich, T.W.H. Oates, M. Zschornak, S. Wintz, J.L. Endrino, C. Baehtz, A. Shalimov, S. Gemming, G. Abrasonis, "Tilting of carbon encapsulated metallic nanocolumns in carbon-nickel nanocomposite films by ion beam assisted deposition", Appl. Phys. Lett., 101, 053112 (2012)
  • Brief CV
    Current research topics:

    Carbon - based nanocomposites (synthesis, structure, properties, applications),
    Carbon nanotubes, Chalcogenid based nanomaterials, Transparent conductive oxides

    Prior experience:

    Synthesis, structure, and dynamics of fullerenes, in particular metallo and clusterfullerens

    Specialist techniques:

    Analysis: Raman spectroscopy, TEM, Ion beam analysis;
    Synthesis: PVD, ion assisted film deposition and nanostructuring