Dr. Luis Martin-Gomis

Name Dr. Luis Martin-Gomis
Work Groups Work Group 1 - Synthesis
Work Group 2 - Characterisation
Work Group 3 - Devices
Laboratory Unidad de Diseño y Síntesis Molecular
Organisation Instituto de Bioinigeniería, Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche
Website http://quimicaorganica.umh.es/default.asp?ap=1
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Brief CV
Luis Martín-Gomis was born in Elche, Spain, in 1974. He obtained his degree in Chemistry at the University of Alicante (UA, Spain) in 2000. After that, he moved to Madrid (October 2001-July 2002) to attend the Official Doctorate Course in Plastics and Rubbers, at Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología de Polímeros-CSIC (ICTP-CSIC, Madrid, Spain), and joined the research group of Prof. Enrique López-Madruga, working on Atom Transfer Radical Polimerization (ATRP) of methacrylate and acrylate Monomers under the supervision of Dr. Marta Fernández-García. In May 2003 he joined the research group of Prof. Fernando Fernández-Lázaro and Prof. Ángela Sastre-Santos at the Instituto de Bioingeniería in the Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche (IB-UMH, Elche, Spain) where he obtained his Master Degree in October 2004 and his PhD (cum laude) in October 2009 with a thesis titled “Molecular and Supramolecular Electroactive Systems Based on [60]Fullerene, Trinitrofluorene and Phthalocyanine Derivatives with Photoinduced Electron Transfer and Photorefractive Properties”. During this period he spent two months working at Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales de la Universidad de Valladolid (ETSI-UVA, Valladolid, Spain) under the supervision of Prof. Mª Luz Rodríguez-Méndez, and three months working at Institute for Fysik og Kemi in Siddansk Universitet, (IFK-SDU, Odense, Denmark) under the supervision of Prof. Jan O. Jeppesen and Dr. Kent A. Nielsen. Starting in 2010, he spent two months working at Department of Material and Life Science in University of Osaka (Japan) under the supervision of Prof Shunichi Fukuzumi His current research interests focuses on the chemistry of fullerenes, trinitrofluorene and silicon phthalocyanines, their assembly into electro- or photoactive systems and the study of their electronic properties for applications in materials science