László P. BIRÓ

Name László P. BIRÓ
Work Groups Work Group 1 - Synthesis
Work Group 2 - Characterisation
Work Group 3 - Devices
Work Group 4 - Theory
Laboratory Nanostructures Department
Organisation Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science
Website http://www.nanotechnology.hu/
Areas of Research Nanoscale materials science, graphene, bioispired materials
Research Keywords nanoarchitectures; nanosciences and nanotechnology; graphene; crystallographically controled nanolithography of graphene; photonic nanoarchitectures of biologic origin; photonic crystals; bioinspired photonic nanoarchitectures; STM/AFM

Areas of Future Interest graphene lithography & device; biologic nanoarchitectures & bioinspiration

Selected Publications:

Brief CV
LP Biró is the head of the Nanostructures Dept in the MFA. He received his PhD degree in 1997 from the Techn. Univ. of Budapest after contributing to STM/AFM investigation of nanostructures produced by ion irradiation. In 2005, he became a Dr. of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for his work on carbon nanotube-type nanostructures. Currently, he is interested in graphene and its crystallographically oriented nanolithography, photonic nanoarchitectures of biological origin and bioinspiration.

ResearcherID: A-3057-2010