Jin Wang

Name Jin Wang
Work Groups Work Group 1 - Synthesis
Work Group 2 - Characterisation
Work Group 3 - Devices
Laboratory Ceramics Laboratory
Organisation Swiss Federal institute of Technology(EPFL)
Website http://people.epfl.ch/jin.wang
Areas of Research nanoferroelectrics
Research Keywords piezoelectric nanowires ferroelectricity size effect

Areas of Future Interest ferroelectrics and inorganic nanomaterials

  • Ferroelectric Domains and Piezoelectricity in Mono-Crystalline Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 Nano-Wires
  • Piezoresponse force microscopy on doubly clamped KNbO3 nanowires
  • Large-Scale Fabrication of Titanium-Rich Perovskite PZT Submicro/Nano Wires and Their Electromechanical Properties
  • Brief CV
    Synthesis of various inorganic nanostructures by chemical vapor deposition/wet chemical processing

    Characterization of one-dimensional nanostructures:
    •Measurements of the electromechanical properties of single nano-object with atomic & piezoresponse force microscope
    •Raman spectroscopy on single nano-object