Olivia Pulci

Name Olivia Pulci
Work Groups Work Group 4 - Theory
Laboratory .Dept. of Physics
Organisation .University of Rome Tor Vergata
Website http://www.centronast.com/archives/1221
Areas of Research .graphene and other 2D materials, surfaces, cultural heritage, nanoclusters, water
Research Keywords .ab-initio calculations, DFT, TDDFT, GW, BSE, electronic and optical properties, excitons

Areas of Future Interest excitons, biexcitons, indirect excitons

Brief CV
I am a theoretical physicist with a long-standing experience in the ab-initio computational study of the electronic and optical properties of surfaces.
In the last few years, my research interests have expanded to the study of nanocrystals and nanodots and, more recently, also to water and biological molecules. In particular, the optical spectrum of liquid water (pure and as a solvent) has been for the first time calculated with the inclusion of excitonic effects.

The inclusion of environment on the optical properties of biological systems is another topic that I am developing. A multiscale approach has been for the first time applied within the Many-Body Perturbation Theory to study the optical spectra of indole in water.
I am also studying the electronic and optical properties of graphene and other 2-D systems (graphene, silicene and polygermine with adsorbates for opening a gap).

Another research topic is related to cellulose, for the understanding of optical degradation of paper for cultural heritage preservation.