Marcella Bonchio

Name Marcella Bonchio
Work Groups Work Group 1 - Synthesis
Laboratory ITM-CNR
Organisation University of Padova
Areas of Research homogeneous catalysis, molecular materials
Research Keywords nanocatalysis, carbon nanostructures, polyoxometalates

Areas of Future Interest material/surface chemistry

Selected Publications:

Brief CV
The Padova team (ITM/UNITS) has established a highly interdisciplinary research program, where the interplay of synthetic organic and inorganic chemistry, material science and physical organic methods are applied to the design of innovative nano-structured catalysts and functional materials. The current research activity focusses on novel synthetic protocols for the functionalization of carbon nanostructures, by a supramolecular or a covalent approach as well as catalytic oxidation mediated by multi-transition metal complexes. Dr Marcella Bonchio has a PhD in Physical Organic chemistry. Her research activities cover the broad area of catalysis and functional materials.