Eduard Llobet

Name Eduard Llobet
Work Groups Work Group 2 - Characterisation
Work Group 3 - Devices
Laboratory Microsystems and Nanotechnologies for Chemical Analysis
Organisation University Rovira i Virgili
Areas of Research Materials for sensors; nanotechnology
Research Keywords smart anodization; metal oxide: nanowires, nanoribbons, nanodots, nanorods; CNT-metal hybrids; CNT-metal oxide hybrids; gas sensors

Areas of Future Interest Optical nanotech-based gas sensors. Multiparameter (optical/ electrical) nanotech based sensors

Selected Publications:

Brief CV
Materials for sensors: Growth of thin films by r.f. sputtering. Growth of metal oxide nanodots and nanorods by r.f. sputtering of metals and smart anodisation. Growth of metal oxide nanowires and nanoribbons by AA-CVD. Design of gas sensor substrates employing microsystems technology (silicon based) or screen-printing (alumina based). Design of room temperature gas sensors based on CNT and metal or metal oxide nanoparticle hybrids.
Signal processing for sensor arrays: Sensor array chemometrics, statistical and neural pattern recognition, response feature selection.
In-lab available fabrication techniques: Multitarget r.f. sputtering with e-beam, nanolithography, laser excimer, screen-printing machine.
In-lab available characterisation techniques: ESEM, AFM, TEM, XRD, micro-analysis.