Dr Ben Hourahine

Name Dr Ben Hourahine
Work Groups Work Group 4 - Theory
Laboratory Semiconductor Spectroscopy and Devices
Organisation Dept. of Physics, The University of Strathclyde, SUPA
Website http://ssd.phys.strath.ac.uk/
Areas of Research Semiconductor physics, nano-photonics, plasmonics, Methodology
Research Keywords Theory, Semiconductor Defects, Nitrides, Si, Nano-optics, Nano-magnetism

Areas of Future Interest Multiscale, Multiphysics, Devices, Excited State Processes

Selected Publications:

Brief CV
Areas of Expertise

* Theoretical and computational semiconductor defects (point and some extended defects)
* III-V nitrides
* Hydrogen and muons in semiconductors, particularly group IV
* Rare-earth impurities in semiconductors, particularly nitrides
* Nanomagnetic clusters
* Nanoscale optics and photonics

Prior experience

2006 - SUPA lectureship in optoelectronic materials. Physics, Strathclyde
2004 - 2007 Royal Society of Edinburgh Research Fellowship "Modern theory for optoelectronic materials". SSD group Strathclyde
2002 - 2004 PDRA TMR network "Rare Earth doped Nitrides for high Brightness Electroluminescent emitters". Frauenheim group, Paderborn Theoretical Physics
2000 - 2002 PDRA "First-principles study of hydrogen and hydrogen related defects in silicon". Jones group, Exeter Physics
1996 - 2000 PhD "A First Principles Study of Hydrogen Related Defects in Silicon". Jones group, Exeter Physics

Guest Professor, Bremen Center for Computational Materials Science, May 2008.
Visiting Professor, Department of Chemistry, Duke University, May 2007.
Co-chair, meeting "Emerging trends in Nano Structures and NanoPhotonics", April 2007.

Main Techniques

* Electronic structure including density functional theory
* Co-developer of the http://www.dftb.org semi-empirical method
* Surface Green's function electromagnetic scattering for nanoscale structures
* Modern statistical mechanics


* Hydrogen in Si, Ge and SiGe
* Radiation damage in silicon
* GaN, InN, AlN and alloy systems
* Dielectric and metallic nanostructures