Denis Arcon

Name Denis Arcon
Work Groups Work Group 1 - Synthesis
Work Group 2 - Characterisation
Laboratory Faculty of mathematics and physics
Organisation University of Ljubljana
Areas of Research fullerenes, innorganic nanotubes, superconductors
Research Keywords magnetic resonance, fullerenes, innorganic nanotubes

Areas of Future Interest correlated electron systems

Selected Publications:

Brief CV
Denis Arcon

Born: 12.11.1968 (Ljubljana)
Diploma: Faculty of mathematics and physics, University of Ljubljana, october 1992; Title "13C NMR in solid C60", mentor prof. dr. Robert Blinc
PhD Thesis: Faculty of mathematics and physics, University of Ljubljana, December 1998; Title: "Magnetic resonance measurements of organic ferromagnet TDAE-C60", mentor prof. dr. Robert Blinc.

1992-1998: Young researcher at Institute Jožef Stefan, Department for solid state physics.
1998-1999: Postdoctoral fellow at University of Sussex, Brighton, Great Britain.
2000-2001: Research position at Institute Jožef Stefan, Deparment for solid state physics.
2001-2008: Assistant professor at Faculty for mathematics and physics, University of Ljubljana and part time position at the Institute Jožef Stefan.
2008-...: Professor at Faculty for mathematics and physics, University of Ljubljana and part time position at the Institute Jožef Stefan.

Experimental solid state physics:
Experimental techniques: Electron paramagnetic resonance (pulsed and cw, X-band, EPR in high magnetic fields), nuclear magnetic resonance, muon spin relaxation
Materials: fullerenes, low-dimensional magnetic systems, inorganic nanostructures (titania-derived nanotubes), LiMn(Fe)PO4 systems, amorphous carbon, composite materials, unconventional superconductors including pnictides

Selected publications:
1. LAPPAS, A., PRASSIDES, K., VAVEKIS, K., ARÄŒON, Denis, BLINC, Robert, CEVC, Pavel, AMATO, A., FEYERHERM, R., GYGAX, F. N., SCHENCK, A. Spontaneous magnetic ordering in the fullerene charge-transfer salt (TDAE)C60. Science (Wash. D.C.), 1995, vol. 267, str. 1799-1802. [COBISS.SI-ID 9787943]
2. MIHAILOVIĆ, Dragan, ARČON, Denis, VENTURINI, Peter, BLINC, Robert, OMERZU, Aleš, CEVC, Pavel. Orientational and magnetic ordering buckyballs in TDAE-C60. Science (Wash. D.C.), 1995, 268, str. 400-402. [COBISS.SI-ID 369508]
3. TAKABAYASHI, Yasuhiro, JEGLIČ, Peter, ARČON, Denis. The disorder-free non-BCS superconductor Cs[sub]3C[sub](60) emerges from an antiferromagnetic insulator parent state. Science (Wash. D.C.), 2009, vol. 323, no. 5921, str. 1585-1590. [COBISS.SI-ID 22509351]
4. ARČON, Denis, CEVC, Pavel, OMERZU, Aleš, BLINC, Robert. Ferromagnetic resonance in TDAE-C[sub]60. Phys. rev. lett., 1998, vol. 80, str. 1529-1532. [COBISS.SI-ID 13164583]
5. MIHAILOVIĆ, Dragan, JAGLIČIĆ, Zvonko, ARČON, Denis, MRZEL, Aleš, ZORKO, Andrej, REMŠKAR, Maja, KABANOV, Viktor V., DOMINKO, Robert, GABERŠČEK, Miran, GÓMEZ-GARCÍA, C. J., MARTÍNEZ-AGUDO, J. M., CORONADO, E. Unusual magnetic state in lithium-doped MoS[sub]2 nanotubes. Phys. rev. lett., 2003, vol. 90, p. 146401-1-146401-4. [COBISS.SI-ID 17424167]
6. DOMINKO, Robert, ARČON, Denis, MRZEL, Aleš, ZORKO, Andrej, CEVC, Pavel, VENTURINI, Peter, GABERŠČEK, Miran, REMŠKAR, Maja, MIHAILOVIĆ, Dragan. Dichalcogenide nanotube electrodes for Li-ion batteries. Adv. mater. (Weinh.), 2003, vol. 14, str. 1531-1534. [COBISS.SI-ID 17127463]
7. PREGELJ, Matej, ZAHARKO, Oksana, ZORKO, Andrej, KUTNJAK, Zdravko, JEGLIČ, Peter, BROWN, P. J., JAGODIČ, Marko, JAGLIČIĆ, Zvonko, BERGER, Helmuth, ARČON, Denis. Spin amplitude modulation driven magnetoelectric coupling in the new multiferroic FeTe[sub]2O[sub]5Br. Phys. rev. lett., 2009, vol. 103, no. 14, str. 147202-1-147202-4.
8. JEGLIČ, Peter, BOS, J.-W. G., ZORKO, Andrej, BRUNELLI, M., KOCH, K., ROSNER, H., MARGADONNA, Serena, ARČON, Denis. Influence of the Nd 4f states on the magnetic behavior and the electric field gradient of the oxypnictides superconductors NdFeAsO[sub](1-x)F[sub]x. Phys. rev., B, Condens. matter mater. phys., 2009, vol. 79, no. 9, str. 094515-1-094515-7. [COBISS.SI-ID 22492199]
9. ARÄŒON, Denis, PREGELJ, Matej, CEVC, Pavel, ROTAS, Georgios, PAGONA, Georgia, TAGMATARCHIS, Nikos, EWELS, Christopher Paul. Stability, thermal homolysis and intermediate phases of solid hydroazafullerene C[sub](59)NH. Chem. commun. (Lond., 1996), 2007, no. 32, str. 3386-3388. [COBISS.SI-ID 20940327]
10. ARÄŒON, Denis, ZORKO, Andrej, MAZZANI, M., BELLI, Maria, PONTIROLI, D., RICCO, M., MARGADONNA, Serena. The structural and electronic evolution of Li[sub]4C[sub](60) through the polymer-monomer transformation. New journal of physics. [Online ed.], 2008, vol. 10, str. 033021-1-033021-17. [COBISS.SI-ID 21529383]

1. 3rd Slovenian workshop on nanoscience and nanotechnology [also] SLONANO 2004. Ljubljana: Institute "Jozef Stefan", October 21-22, 2004.
2. 5th Symposium of Science and Technology of Nanomaterials in Slovenia, September 20-21, 2006, Ljubljana, Slovenia. SLONANO 2006 : Organic, inorganic and biomolecular nanostructures: from fundamental science to applications
3. Physics: Opportunity for Slovenian economy, Ljubljana, May 10, 2005.
4. Magnetic resonance in highly frustrated magnets, Kranjska Gora, 1.-4. februar 2010.
5. Organization of Josef Stefan Institute Colloquia since 1.1.2007

2008 – Zois award: Slovenian national award for outstanding research achievements
1998 – Golden emblem of Inštituta Jožef Stefan
1997 – International Union for Materials Research (IUMRS), Tokyo